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BID Tax Billing Cycle

BID taxes are billed twice a year at the same time as real property taxes – September and March of every year.  The BID tax is billed six months in advance:

  • The September billing is due on October 1st for October 1st through March 31st
  • The March Billing is due on April 1st for April 1st through September 30th

NOTE:  DO NOT combine a BID tax payment with a real property tax payment. Each BID tax bill must be paid with a separate check.  BID taxes can be paid at any District of Columbia branch of Wells Fargo Bank or by mailing payment to one of the following address:

Government of the District of Columbia
Office of Tax and Revenue
Real Property Tax Administration
P.O. Box 98095
Washington, DC 20090-8095

For additional information regarding a Capitol Hill BID tax bill please contact 202-842-3333 or