Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
Don Denton, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Vice Chairman
Carol Quillian, Property Owner

John B. Gordon, National Capital Bank

Michael Phillips, The UPS Store

Board Members
Hamood Abutaa, MetroMotor
Gwendolyn Blade, Bernstein Management Corporation
John Boyle, Property Owner
Ken Golding, Stanton Development Corporation
Jesse Heier, Jade Fitness
Risa Hirao, Pascal, Weiss & Hirao
Mark Holler, Gingko Gardens
Gary Jankowski, Coldwell Banker Real Estate
Brad Johnson, Johnson Law Group
Eric Korsvall, The Heritage Foundation
Susan Perry, Consultant
Phillip S. Smith, CAPTEL
Beverley Swaim-Staley, Union Station Redevelopment Corporation
Robert A. Weinstein, architrave p.c. architects

Top Row: Andrew Lee, Ken Jarboe, Eric Korsvall, Beverly Swaim-Staley, Robert A. Weinstein, Ken Golding, Gary Jankowski, Susan Perry, Patty Brosmer, Risa Hirao; Bottom Row: Michael Phillips, Don Denton, Carol Quillian, John B. Gordon; Not Pictured: Hamood Abutaa, Gwendolyn Blade, John Boyle, Jesse Heier, Mark Holler, Brad Johnson, and Phillip S. Smith.