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Board of Directors

The BID is led by a dynamic board of directors representing a cross section of Capitol Hill stakeholders, including merchants, tenants, property owners, cultural and nonprofit organizations and ex-officio representatives.

Chairman of the Board
Don Denton, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Vice Chairman
Michael Phillips, The UPS Store

Michael Warner, DCanter

Eric Korsvall, The Heritage Foundation

Board Members
Hamood Abutaa, MetroMotor
Gwendolyn Blade, Bernstein Management Corporation
John Boyle, Property Owner
Mike Berman, Diverse Markets Management          
Doug Carr, Union Station Redevelopment Corporation
Ken Golding, Stanton Development Corporation
Zachary Hoffman, National Democratic Club
Nathaniel Goodman-Johnson, Johnson Law Group
Jesse Heier, Jade Fitness
Risa Hirao, Pascal, Weiss & Hirao
Gary Jankowski, Coldwell Banker Real Estate
Brad Johnson, Johnson Law Group
Jimmy Olevson, National Capital Bank
Susan Perry, Consultant
Mary Quillian Helms, Property Owner
Robert A. Weinstein, architrave p.c. architects

Top Row: Andrew Lee, Ken Jarboe, Eric Korsvall, Beverly Swaim-Staley, Robert A. Weinstein, Ken Golding, Gary Jankowski, Susan Perry, Patty Brosmer, Risa Hirao; Bottom Row: Michael Phillips, Don Denton, Carol Quillian, John B. Gordon; Not Pictured: Hamood Abutaa, Gwendolyn Blade, John Boyle, Nathaniel Goodman-Johnson, Jesse Heier, Brad Johnson, Mary Quillian Helms, Phillip S. Smith, and Michael Warner.

Ex-Officio Members
Tony Tomelden, CHAMPS, Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce
Ken Jarboe
Brian Ready, Barracks Row Main Street 

Founding President
George Didden, III, National Capital Bank


Become a Board Member

Are you interested in becoming a board member for the Capitol Hill BID? Our board represents a dynamic cross-section of Capitol Hill stakeholders, including merchants, tenants, property owners, cultural and nonprofit organizations and ex-officio representatives within our boundaries.

The Elections Committee considers nominations every January before the Annual Membership Meeting. Anyone wishing to be considered for a seat on the BID Board of Directors should contact Patty Brosmer ( The new terms of office start in March.

Qualifications & Term of Office: All members of the Board of Directors (other than Appointed Directors) shall be Members, or partners, officers, directors, trustees, agents or employees of Members (property owners or tenants). Elected members serve 3-year terms and can be re-elected an unlimited number of times. No Member may be elected to or may serve on the Board of Directors if they are delinquent by more than sixty (60) days in the payment of any financial obligation to the Corporation.