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Support the "Men and Women in Blue" this Giving Tuesday

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The Capitol Hill BID "Men and Women in Blue" are a vital to keeping Capitol Hill neighborhood clean and safe. 

Each and every team member has gone through struggles of incarceration, addiction, or homelessness. The supportive services provided by Ready, Willing & Working (RWW) is the difference maker for those individuals to become confident, independent, contributing members to society. This Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting this incredible program to ensure the "Men and Women in Blue" receive the support they need. 

For nearly 14 years, RWW had been proving that the most effective solution to homelessness and criminal recidivism is the opportunity for paid work and supportive services. With the help of contributions from generous donors, RWW has opened the door for hundreds of people to become and remain responsible citizens, parents to their children, and role models for their community.

Together we are continuing to provide opportunities for people who so desperately want to work, to lift themselves out of poverty, to escape destructive cycles and to be included in mainstream society.

Thank you for considering Ready, Willing & Working on this Giving Tuesday!