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Capitol Hill Chiropractic Center

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411 E Capitol St SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 544-6035

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We use SEMG (Surface Electromylograph), computerized Muscle Testing, Range of Motion, and even Heart Rate Variability computing to help us identify your health issue and monitor your progress toward resolution and evolution beyond it. We have complete digital and computerized X-ray equipment and stitching software to analyze your spinal postural problems for you using the most advanced technologies available to the chiropractic field.

What do you want us to help you with? . . . Cure a pain? Dramatically improve the health of you or someone in your family? Slow down aging? Improve sports performance?

We feel we are the most advanced office in the city.

Do you like a strong adjustment? Do you like a light adjustment? 

The chiropractic techniques we offer range across the entire spectrum of chiropractic methodologies, from strong adjusting techniques and CBP and Pettibon postural rehab, to the lightest techniques of Upper Cervical Work and Network chiropractic.

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